January 25, 2006

Testing out the features

So, did you know, you can publish to your blog via e-mail? That's what I'm doing right now! Seriously, how many of you knew you could do that? Since this is a test, I hope it works, because I thought I posted something about my friends funeral yesterday, but it didn't publish. Yes, I did click the publish entire blog button.
Maybe I'm just a nerd, but I would recommend testing out the features on all the products you use. Read the stupid instruction manual, and you might be surprised at how cool the stuff is that you already own. Like, I've got this 300 CD changer that is seriously under-loaded, but that's okay, because I can tell it which CDs i want it to play, or which block of CDs i want it to randomize. Wouldn'ta know that without reading the manual!
Just so you know how nerdy I can be, lemme put a spiritual spin on that last comment: think your life sucks? Try reading about people who were doing everything right, and then got burned at the stake for it. Abinadi, you know who you are. And that's the difference: They know who they're supposed to be, and that's who they are. We're told who were supposed to be, what are we doing to become that way?


SalGal said...

Oh no, I can see Mom has rubbed off on you. Or maybe it was that mission you went on. ;-)

Hey, if you can publish to email, how come I didn't get it, huh? Huh???

Nice analogy, btw :-)

jimcalkins said...

no, silly, you can publish your own comments by email. At least, on my blog I can. It won't send it out to people unless they sign up for it, which I don't know if you can sign up for something like that-I haven't finished the "manual".

SalGal said...

well it's no fun to comment by email, then nobody gets to see!

plus, i think what you're looking at means people can sign up to recieve email notification that you have a new post. not that your post gets emailed to them.

jimcalkins said...

i think you misunderstand me. The post "testing out the features" is something that I typed up in my e-mail, and sent it to the blog for publishing via e-mail. I didn't come to the site to do anything except to make sure it got published.

SalGal said...

ok, i got it now.

dude, where's my car?