January 19, 2006

What to say

For all you bloggers out there: Remember back when you first started your blog, and you had so much to say, but you didn't know where to start? Good times...
Seriously, though. Is it really kosher to publish a bunch of different times per day with all the different crazy thoughts one (I) might have? Or is that just a newbie-impulse? Either way, don't be surprised to see multiple thoughts per day from me...or additions to the same thought.

So: Maybe you want to know a little more about me than my profile states? Profession-wise, I've got three money makers: I'm a customer service rep, I'm a personal financial analyst, and I'm breaking into internet advertising. My website isn't up, but I promise when it is, I'll give you the address, and you will want to put an ad there. Oh yes, you will.

I'm crazy about sudoku! I used to be into crosswords, but I think that Will Shortz has too much time on his hands.

I'm a family man, with our first baby just a month old. I still don't feel like a dad, or how I thought I would feel anyway. I love this little girl, but it just hasn't sunk in yet... We're blessing her in church in February, and I don't know about the whole "inviting every priesthood holder I know to join in" thang. Blessing my child is an incredibly personal thing, and I want to be nice and invite old friends to come, but not necessarily participate. Am I being too personal? Isn't that what friends are for - to participate in your life?

On a separate but related note, I think I just keep myself aloof from getting too close to people. Growing up without a dad, I wouldn't say my sisters and I were "friends," per-se, more like, "joint-survivors." We were family, alright, but not as close and every-day-loving as we could have been. I had my needs, and I fought for them. I still do. So, that makes me wonder about my relationships with other people today: can I afford to give myself to my friends a little better? Do I really have to suffer with someone before I can let them in to be a close friend?
Well, this seems a little long, so I'll end it here for today.

BTW, anyone out there know what the answer to my random question (profile) means?

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SalGal said...

I write everyday, sometimes more than once, but not usually. Depends on how much time I have and what the mood is. Also depends on what your blog is for. It's all you, so make it whatever you want.

I think you do keep yourself from other people, at least from your family. I don't feel as close to you as I'd like, and I don't know how to. Sometimes when I make an attempt, I feel like you get weirded out by it. And I don't want to go all MOM on you. I feel like Em & I are much much closer than we ever were growing up. Maybe growing up is what it took for us to become friends. But the old hurts and feelings are not far beneath the surface.

As far as who to invite to join in on the blessing, invite who is important to you. I imagine you'll ask Chris because if you don't there will be problems and you'll probably ask Doug because he's your other kid. If there are others who think they'll be asked but you just want them to come and see the blessing, just give them a call or something and say, "hey I really want you to come to the blessing but I'm not really asking people to be in the circle".

Ok, sorry for the novel and SUPER sorry if I sounded like mom at any point. And dude, please tell me if she reads this.