March 14, 2006

Doing everything wrong?!?

As I took a sip of my water that had been sitting out all weekend, I was reminded of the distinct flavor of water that comes out of a garden hose.  I don't know why it tasted that way, but I liked it.  Took me back to my youth.  I just realized last night that I won't graduate college until I'm 30 or more years old.  Boy, that's scary.  Oh well, you do what you gotta do.  Back to the hose-water though.  I work for a chemical company, and it was my fortune to come across a little book called Plain Talk About Drinking Water.
That book clearly states that you should not, under any circumstances, drink from a garden hose - the point being that garden hoses break down on the inside, and although your water may be good, the stuff from the hose is not.  That said, coupled with EVERYTHING ELSE that's "bad for you" that we hear about all the time, how did any of us grow to be adults? There, I've had something underlined, something in bold, and something in italics, my work is complete.  Seriously, if you sat down and paid attention to all those commercials that TiVo lets you skip through, you'd be the biggest freakin hypochondriac in the world!  My friend Jonelle told me about a book that I can't remember the title to, but it's all about how the media gears things toward women's fears.  I'll have to dig up her number and find out the title for you women out there who read my blog.  My advice to you, men and women alike,  in the mean time is to STOP WATCHING COMMERCIALS!  Your brain is being sucked out by advertisers!  Look away!  Look away!


SalGal said...

If I watched commercials I'd have to wear one of those pee bags. I'd love to read that book if you can manage to get the title!

jimcalkins said...

It's called
Spin Sisters:
How Women of the Media Sell Liberalism
and Unhappiness to the Women of America