March 01, 2006

This just in:

So, I'm watching the news this morning, and I usually don't listen to what the "reporters" are saying, because it's not usually news. I watch the little ticker at the bottom of the screen instead. On this morning's program, the ticker said something funny. It speaks to me, you know. It said, "XYZ (I can't remember their name) Women's Advocacy group has ranked Utah among the lowest states for helping women prevent unwanted pregnancy." Right away, I'm thinking how the state should respond to that. Not the usual bureaucratic crap where the state feels guilty and throws more of my tax dollars at stupid people. I think the state should issue this statement, "The State of Utah has ranked XYZ Women's Advocacy group third highest on its 'Lamest Whiners in the Universe' list. The state will also remind the group, as well as the group's patrons, that if they don't want unwanted pregnancies, they should quit sleeping around!!! We are not the country of Brazil with 25,000,000 free condoms to give out! Feel free to move there."
I could go on. Oh, could I go on. I'll just end with this: The reason they're called "special interest" groups is not that they are specific in their interests, but because they have forgotten the interests of the society as a whole. There is a very general interest for people to not sleep with multiple partners. There is a very general interest for people to eat animals, sparingly. There is a very general interest for our tax dollars to help educate people, instead of just pay for the aftermath of stupidity. You can pick a group, any group, with that last one.


SalGal said...

Well said, Bro.

Bob said...

Unfortunately, the silent majority is just that, Silent. We need to make sure that our views are also considered. People complain about politics, but do nothing about them. We should let our representatives know what our views are. They’re likely to be shared by many.