May 19, 2006

Wii don' need no stinkin subject

Fooled ya!  I'm just voicing my general excitement and wonder about the new game console from Nintendo: Wii
The commercials look really cool, and make me want to buy one (vs. the new PS3 for $600?  HA!  No thanks, sony), but I'm skeptical about the operations of the controller.  Does it really work that well?  I can play tennis, baseball, pingpong, etc, w/o it screwing things up?  Doug and Chuck will be the first ones to tell you how I blame my losses on the poor functioning controllers. 
Really what I'm most excited about this system for is the sword fighting.  I think, deep down, we all want to be swashbucklers, and this may just be my only chance to live that dream.  So, if they screw it up, you can see why I'll be super-pissed.


Bob said...

Jim, if you are so concerned about the playability of the controllers then wait a bit to see what the word is on them. (of course by then you won't be able to buy the Wii because it will be sold out everywhere.)

SalGal said...

Dude, buy one and don't open it. Then, wait for the reviews and if it's good, open up! If they suck, take it back!

Either way, you suck and you're just using the poor little controllers as an excuse.