July 07, 2006

Litigation on the diamond...

Ugh! Stupid people suck! Generally, but most specifically in case of our second (third overall) region softball game last night. Our first game was spectacular (I hit an infield home-run), and we just creamed the other guys. That meant we got to come back an hour later to play again.
The second game started out much like the first, in the top of the second inning we were winning 9 to 2 (we were visitors). In that inning, being the fine sportsmen they were, and most definately concerned for everyone's safety (I'm sure), they complained to the ump that one of our guys had metal kleats on, and he had to go back to regular tennis shoes.
That was pretty much the end of that inning, so we'll skip ahead to the top of the 3rd. So, this strange visitor shows up and starts looking at all our bats. Lo and behold, we had been playing with an illegal bat (which is most likely how I hit that long ball to the center field fence...). Being the great sportsmen, and Brothers in the gospel that they are, the other team just walks off the field! "We're not here for a friendly game of softball with another ward, we're here to win!"
No, a fight didn't break out, but things did get ugly. Somehow, the ump convinced them they needed to play the game and let region officials make the decision on whether we'll be disqualified or not (which yes, there is an illegal bat list, but no, there's not any defined penalties for using such bats). I think it was the fact that they took our score down to Zero that sealed the deal for the whiners (they still only had two points).
Happy ending though, we still beat the crap out of em, 14 - 9. Oh, and the mystery visitor? No, not old man Whithers from Scooby Doo, not even an illegal bat police from region officials. Turns out he was just another guy from their ward. I guess they need all the litigation help they can get to win this tourney. We'll see who plays next Tuesday, and who goes back to the litigation drawing board.


Doug said...

Hey Jim! You suck at Softball!!!!

tswny said...

Oh gosh! By the title, Litigation on the Diamond," i thought you were referring to something MUCH different! (diamond ring, divorce)... but I see from your family blogsite that you are still a happy family!