September 11, 2006

One simple reason:

Can I just tell you how sick I am of all the liberal whack-jobs there are out there? You guys are freaking idiots!*

*the preceding rant is based on the author hearing one too many times the phrase, "We're not safer now than we were before 9/11." You see, the libs are absolutely correct, but for the wrong reason. We are not safer now, and not being safer has absolutely nothing to do with George W. Bush's presidency. The one and only reason we aren't safe now is because before 9/11 our country was apathetic about defending itself, and now all we hear about from democrats and the mainstream media is how we should stop defending ourselves in any way, shape or form. Let's all just lie down in the street and let the Islamo-Nazi's run us over with their tanks (or more realistically, kneel down in the streets so they can cut all of our heads off), because IT'S OUR FAULT. What's "IT" you may ask? Pick a topic, any topic. Whatever you pick, the jihadists and the democrats agree that it's the capitalist pigs' fault. THAT'S why we're not safe right now.

Here's a phrase that's also being said a lot, but one I happen to agree with, "There were terrorists in the U.S.A. before we were in Iraq." If watching that slide show doesn't get you all fired up, here's some more, but with audio: (this is the "small" version, but you can also get it bigger)

This is why we're in Afghanistan and Iraq, so that this doesn't happen to you. God bless President Bush, and those who serve with him and understand this war we are fighting.

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