October 14, 2006

Now I understand

Wow. I have never actually wanted to kill someone before now. I was reading in my book last night about abortion, about the lies that are told to the already emotionally unbalanced women who are duped into getting one, as well as how a few different types of them are performed. I can't tell you how much I am hurting right now. I can't stop weeping. I'm sitting here in the math lab at school trying to get some work done, and I can't get it out of my mind.
Now I understand how some people can go through with blowing up abortion offices and killing the doctors and nurses. I know that that is wrong and that it won't stop the MILLIONS of living, functioning children of God that are ruthlessly murdered, literally torn in pieces, each year. I wouldn't be so drastic myself, but I do understand.
As much anger as I have against these murderers, as much as a hole has been cut into my gut from really learning about this issue, I know it can't even compare to the pain it must cause my Heavenly Father. If I can't help but be willing to throw myself in front of a bus if I knew it could save my own little girl, how must He feel?
Okay, now I'm just blabbering, so I better end here. Read the book.


Arlene said...

I love you, son.

Maurice Enchel said...

Let's all vote Democrat this November so that Nancy Pelosi becomes the speaker of the house and sets the agenda for our legislative body... shall we?

On the Other Hand said...

Or, vote Republican so those who are not aborted can be born to suffer from lack of medical care and good nutrition and good education and (if lucky) get old enough to be sent off to be killed or maimed for life in an unncessary war.

Leroy said...

Get the facts, guys. Oh, and thanks for pulling a "Jon Carrey," On The Other Hand. You liberals are all the same.

jimcalkins said...

I'm going to have to agree w/Leroy. If you think this country is so evil and not worth it, vote democrat. When they lose, feel free to leave. (The wall we're building on the border is to keep them out, not to keep you in)