April 02, 2007

Britain's *New* Phony War

Unlike the *New* Tide with Bleach my wife just brought home (j/k, all you Thatcher readers…), the new phony war is not a good thing. For all you not-so-much-of-a-history-buff people out there, allow me to explain the phony war. No, wait, there's not enough time, let me sum up. Be forewarned, I will be using words like “Nazi” and “evil,” but it’s okay, because I’m actually talking about the evil Nazis. It’s still politically correct to hate the Nazis, right? Right?
So, we’ve all heard how we, the not-so-united-anymore States of America, are mimicking the England of 1938? If not, I advise you to research Winston Churchill’s speech about the action Britain needed to take, while the then current Prime Minister Chamberlain was using diplomacy with (appeasing) Hitler, after the fuhrer had taken over most of Czechoslovakia. Well, it seems we didn’t learn from the past, and so now we’ve progressed onto September 1, 1939. On that day, Hitler’s armies invaded Poland. In our day, Iran has kidnapped 15 British soldiers from Iraqi waters. Two days later, Sep. 3, Britain declared war on Germany, and then proceeded immediately with their own sitzkrieg, and did nothing for 8 months (8 MONTHS!!!) until May of 1940 when it was too late. Look, I like Tony Blair, but I think it is a grave mistake to not come down on Iran like white on rice, like black on fried chicken, like the Donald on Rosie, take your pick, I've got more.
The thing we have to consider is that it took Germany a good 20 years to finally make their comeback from WW1. It will not take the Islam-o-Nazis nearly as long. Please don't try and tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam does want peace, but it's the same kind of peace that we had with Germany after we beat their sorry asses into submission. That is what awaits all of us if we don't hold the line.
All you easily brainwashed people in the middle who have been told to hate Bush, yet still seem to love the imagery and story of the fight for Middle Earth (or even the fight for Narnia, depending on your tastes), remember what Theodin asks when his people are about to be destroyed? "How did it come to this?" This is how. This is what happens when good people stand idly by and do nothing.
Tony, I know you're reading this, don't pull a September 3rd, just move right on in to the following May. If Iran does get the first strike, it'll be all they need.


Mom said...

"black on fried chicken"?????? Oh, son, you worry me.

Maurice Enchel said...

sitzkrieg???... I like that a lot!