August 02, 2007

Forgot to give props

To be honest, and since I don't want to Google it to get a better understanding, I don't really know what "props" are. Propositions? Proponents? Meh, I'll figure it out later.

Anyway, I figure that since I complain so much on my blog, I need to balance it with the good guys out there. So here is my hearty endorsement of You see, back when I wasn't "borrowing" internet from my neighbors, I had dial-up access with them. But then I went and bought a wireless card, and a certain techie I know let me use his big ol' 24dbi antenna to get a better signal, and I cancelled the dial-up. About 8 months go by, and I'm checkin out my credit card bill to see that it's all legit, when I see a charge from GoBigWest...
Yeah, they screwed up.
Here's the props part though. When I called to find out what was going on (complain and rant), they also fessed up to another charge that I had missed (I only payed once every three months), and gave me a full refund.
Way to go, guys. All the rest of you out there who are still on dial-up, mosey on over to and give the good guys your business.

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