October 29, 2007

Why I'm still in school.

Sure, it's been a long time since this happened, but since so many people still suffer from the same delusions as she does, I want to refer back to Rosie's infamous "9/11 is the 1st time in history that fire has melted steel" comments. Aside from the obvious argument of "Well, please show me where the steel-tree forests are," she gives me a reason to keep on chugging through school, a reason that inspires the vision I'm about to share with you:

When our country is attacked again, and our economy collapses or comes near to it, the individuals who have the most "real-world" education will be the ones who survive best. Now, I'm not trying to be a ME (mechanical engineering) snob here, but lets face it, when the devistation comes, the first ones to be eaten will be the celebs/performers. As long as Rosie is taken in the first wave of that devistation, I think we'll all be okay with that. All in all, the people without any "real" skills will be hardest hit. Yes, I know this is a very arrogant thing to say, and even harder to prove, but just think about it. In the market collapse and subsequent dust bowl of the 1930's, what kind of economy did we have? Since I don't know the actual terms, I'll call it a Working economy. We were industrious. We produced things. What's our economy based on now? Now we're a Service economy, or in other words, people get paid to do other people's work, or to entertain, etc. Now, what happens in crisis situations? The excess gets cut out. You lose your job, you don't go eat out all the time, or you start taking the bus to save on gas, or lots of other things. Your country is attacked, and economy collapses, who's gonna go to a broadway show? Who's going to go to the salon? Who's going to buy a car, a boat, a new t.v.? Now, when the "service" type jobs are out of work...what are they going to do? What skill-set do they have to rely on?

So, a lot of this is an unfinished 2 hour lecture, but feel free to comment and tear me a new one anyway. I'm just tryin to say that if the first dust bowl was so horrible, and our economy was built on a majority of production, how bad will it be in the next dust bowl when our economy is primarily service oriented?

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Esa said...

The wave of the future is actually information services... Networks... The internet. Wouldn't you agree? Aren't most businesses crippled these days if they don't have a presence on the internet? Who needs "buildings" any more? Everything is in "cyber space" these days. A kid in his PJ's can become a Billionaire from his parent's basement! Who cares about how secure a building is... if someone can hack into your network and get your information, they've won! It's amazing how damaging the right information can be in the wrong hands. Just a thought...