March 20, 2008

New Link!

I am happy to say that I've finally found a good site for printing my blog. In book format. Yeah, I know, "who'll ever read that thing? Oh well, at least we can burn it for fuel when Obamary crashes the economy"
Still, it is sort of my journal, and I would like to have a hard copy that doesn't consist of me going through my archives and printing it out as a "fast draft" on 20 lb. stock. So, for those of you on Blogger, here you go:

For those of you on Wordpress, I found this other site (that didn't have Blogger capabilities, so I can't vouch for coolness factors) here:
Yeah, they're both expensive, so if anyone else out there has a good site, please let us know!

*Updated on May 01, 2008: is about $30 cheaper (based on my blog size of around 160 pages) than blog2print, but you have to download their book building software, and I haven't been able to add the comments to the book like I can with blog2print. Blurb is an awesome program for making a book out of anything though!


dragonb said...

very cool idea..wish you had thought of it, and I programmed it!
Perfect for baby pictures!

Emily said...

I just thought it was nice to see that I'm number one on your blogs you visit!! Cause I am NUMBER 1!