April 09, 2008

Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

I finally got around to loading the almost 900 pictures that used to be my mom's slides (you young folk out there will have to Google what a slide photograph is) onto my computer, and these are my favorites of them all. I thought about saving Em's pic to be used for blackmail at a later date, but I can't keep this one to myself! (Don't worry, Sal, I didn't forget about you, I'll send out a DVD with all the pics on it.)
This also confirms that Jackie does in fact look like Sally. Since Dorothy looks like me, we can say she looks like Emily too.
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SalGal said...

Um, I'm not seeing it. Let's get a side-by-side. And dude, I move in on May 15th. Toot suite on that dvd! I need some photos for my new house!!

Which, you are coming to see later this year, right? Right???

Your Mom said...

Who is that drop-dead gorgeous woman at the end of this morning's blog? What a babe! Say "howdy" to her if you ever see her again.