June 21, 2008

Random thoughts of the lady I just kicked out:

"Gee, it's pretty dead here at the swimming pool on a warm summer's eve. I'm the only one here! Not even any life guards around...oh well, I guess I'll just go swimming all by myself."

I honestly don't know why I'm still surprised by the quality and quantity of people's stupidity. Yeah, sure, I agree it's dumb for the county to close the pool at 6 p.m. on a Saturday. But, seriously, there's no life guards at a public pool - this should be your first clue!!!!

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Lacey said...

LOL..that reminds me of a lady in my old ward...she was totally crazy. She took her kids swimming at the new middle school pool one day...only problem was it wasn't even open yet! I don't even know how she got in there but it's the stuff of legend nowadays. Just like the time she got into a fender bender and made sure her kids were safe on the side of the road and then proceeded to lay in the middle of the road like she was hurt. LOL...oh she made me laugh.