July 02, 2008

Bomp bomp...chik, chika chikah!

Take a little stroll down memory lane with me. If you had been reading this "article" on the inter-web in the 90's, this post would actually be accompanied by a midi version of the "Oh Yeah" song by Yello. You know, the one from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (how's that for memory lane?)...or the Twix song?
Anyway, imagine that song is playing as I unload this one on ya:
We're getting a mini-van! ("Oooooooo Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh") My lifelong dream is about to be accomplished. No, seriously, ever since the Snyders got one back in the 80's (?), I knew it was meant to be. It's an '07 Dodge Grand Caravan, black, with only 23k miles on it! We bring it home tomorrow, so I'll post pictures somewhere, sometime. Okay, maybe not. Maybe you'll see it when I'm posting pictures about something else in the future. Of course, if we truly are friends, you'll just drop by to congratulate us and see it for yourself, and be amazed and overwhelmed at the awesomeness that is stow-and-go seating. Just don't forget your sunglasses.


SalGal said...

You're missing a "chik" in there. Sound it out. I'm right as always. :D

Lacey said...

yeah for the new big family vehicle!! We will have to check it out...can you face some the seats backwards? I think that is the coolest!

Bown Fam said...

I would agree, I think those vans are the coolest. They have some cool features (ok so I don't spell). I'm jealous. Someday we will have one. Right now we drive the clucker. every time you drive it's a surprise. A surprise to see what will break this time.