October 28, 2008

Still not here

In case you hadn't noticed, the extent of my retirement amounted to the "Appear Offline" feature of my many haunts. Okay, so maybe I cut down a little bit on the mindless games, which is partly a good thing because I've got about $400B accrued in MobWars, but I still feel this need to unplug even further (you know...since I got on my high horse in the previous post, I like to at least try and back it up), so I'm doing just that.
Remember sometimes back in grade school there'd be a school sponsored "No T.V. week," and it was the worst week of your life? Yeah, I'm thinking that such drastic measures are called for here. With the exception of email, and registering for school, and paying bills, I hereby inaugurate "No T.V. or internet for Jim month." Yes, I'm officially unplugging...as much as I can, anyway. I'll drop back in here in December and tell you all about it.

Oh, and since I'm here anyway, I've pretty much done the same thing with talk radio and watching the news (you know, so I can get the right spin and the left spin, respectively), and I gotta tell you, I'm a much happier person. My friends once compared politics to cocaine for their addictiveness, so I guess you could say I've finally de-toxed.


Bob said...

Well, I guess if you aren't here then you won't read this. But I give you a hearty "good for you". They rest of us should follow. I don't know if I can give up the talk radio until after the president election (then I don't know if I can do it then) we'll see.

Jimbo said...

Well, I actually was forced to give it up because I've been riding my scooter since May. All the same, sometimes we can't see the forest 'cause the trees are in the way.

Jimbo said...

Oh, and...uh...just like the average American's diet...I'm starting tomorrow.

Emily K. said...

You got my hopes up for a moment. I too have been thinking of giving up the computer so my children can get the attention they deserve. I'm not there yet (a little like giving up coke, the thought is there, just not the process). Good luck

SalGal said...

I'm so glad my children are at school all day and don't need as much attention... ;)

I stopped listening (for the most part) to talk radio as well, and we don't get good enough reception to watch the news so I haven't seen that in ages. My news consists of whatever doesn't give me a headache in the newspaper. And you're right, it is a much better existence!