December 03, 2008

Forgive me

Had a brain spurt this morning, and wanted to get it down somewhere. I was reading the headlines, saw a Poll from CNN that 61% of people are against the Auto-industry bailout, and had a moment of clarity on why I don't like polls (but yes, I'm also against the bailout). Get ready for the trumpets blaring, 'cause here it is:

Polls are anti-American.

Now, since I know Glenn Beck reads my blog, I'll have to clarify that, because he has some distinctions on what exactly is "anti-American." I also don't mean all polls by definition of the word poll, I am pointing my finger at all polls with a political agenda. I could care less whether you like macadamia nuts.

Our form of government is a Democratic-Republic, meaning that "We the People" choose our various types of representatives to speak for us, since it's a little hard to make sense of what [now] 300 million people are saying at one time. The point here is that everyone has a voice in how the country is screwed up run, whether you're in the majority or not, you are still heard - and may eventually be in the majority.

Where do these polls come into the mix? Why are they anti-American? Because they take away your voice. You got a problem with the government giving away your tax money to corporations that have either proven they can't handle it (bad business model), or that have run out of money because they can't afford the union "contracts" (I'm not sure whether to call it socialism or just plain old mafia), then you go and call up ALL of your representatives in government and let them know about it. THAT'S your voice, and nothing else should be. If you go and give away your voice to CNN or Dan Jones or Zagby or whomever, and then expect something good to come of it? You might as well be sending all your personal and financial info to that guy in Nigeria so he can send you the $40,000,000 for helping him get his money out of Africa, because there's a better chance of you not getting ripped off than there is of your "voice" being used by some News organization for the reasons you intended.

In this country, the only poll that matters is the one you take in a voting booth.

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