February 24, 2010

Lower class - health care decisions

Yes, there's a hyphen.  Though, the hyphen could easily be removed and keep the point of this post intact.  I was just thinking about things a bit differently, let's see if anyone steals picks up this argument for use in the battle against a tyrannical government.  Maybe if you imagine the following being read by Andy Rooney:

I think one thing most people will agree on is that class sizes are too big.  30 kids for one teacher, really?  What we'd really like to see is a smaller ratio (1/30 = 3.33%)...but why is that?  Too many kids demanding the attention of only one person?  30 different people having different needs, all claiming the time and attention of a singular individual?  You betcha!

Even if you are mentally retarded do believe the people in government are smarter than you when it comes to making health care decisions for you or your family members, do you realize that just to get to the same "crappy" ratio that our kids are getting in government schools, except, remember, this is a giant bureaucracy that controls your health care decisions, the government would have to hire at least 10,000,000 people who are smarter than you to run it?  And that's just for the face-to-face workers...this is not including the giant bureaucracy behind this already giant bureaucracy.

Want to know what the ratio is for my household right now? 50%.  Fifty percent of the people in my household are capable of deciding what's best for their own bodies, and that number will only go up over time (with minor setbacks when we have more kids).

Perhaps someone smarter than me out there can take this thought and run with it.

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