May 11, 2010

An open letter to Derron Williams

You know you've reached the height of pretentiousness when you start writing Open Letters...oh well, at least admittance is the first step, right?

Dear D-Will,

I want you to know that I've reached the 5th stage of grief concerning the Jazz, and am ready to let you go.  Be free, D-Will, be free.  You have given us your whole heart, yet your coach is now 10 years past when he should have retired, and when your starting team mates aren't "injured," they seem to have glued their heads up in some place where the sun-don't-shine.  You must go, fly to a better team!  My only request is that it's an actual team, not something like "Kobe and some other guys" or "Lebron's travelling circus."  Actually, I'd prefer it if you went to the Spurs, I think you'd fit right in, and you'd get the championship you deserve.

Thanks for being the team leader that you are.


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