December 15, 2010

Raindrops on roses

Going on 6 months without Facebook now, and although my Buzz posting has increased, mostly because of being linked to Reader, I still think I'm well below the level of narcissism that I used to have while judging everyone writing on my blog and updating my status on FB (yes, hypocrisy is closely related to delusion).  There are times, however, when I do have the urge to allow my inner voice out and see if anyone else is as slightly evil as I am.  This is just one of those times.

One of my absolute favorite things about winter is not cleaning all the snow off my car, only the windows.  The reasons for this are three-fold:
1.  On mornings when over a foot of snow has fallen, I feel this strong desire to see if I can make it to work without any of the snow blowing off.  It's kind of like having a Kid 'N Play haircut for my car.  Yes, I'm juvenile, get over it.
2.  If some of the snow does get blown off, it tends to make some pretty cool designs.  Yes, I'm easy to please.  I'm one of those people that can sit there and stare at the night sky for hours, but at least I'm not so far deranged as to cry over a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!

3.  Mostly, though, I'm hoping that the snow does blow off, in large chunks, and hits the cars behind me.  I guess it's not that evil because I like it when it happens to me, but it can be dangerous, so it automatically is put in the evil category.  And here is the lamest multi-media portion of our program today: this video.  Seriously?  No one's got a good video of this happening in the manner described above?  Internet, you failed me for not the last time today.

I have a feeling that I'm not alone in this.

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SalGal said...

I love being first! (It feeds my narcissism)

I have to say, we could be twins sometimes. I feel the same way about the snow cleaning/blowing while driving thing. Alas, my quicktime player crashed so I couldn't see the clip :(

I also feel that if you were to come and visit me, you could probably roll me over again and this time get footage for the blog (yours or mine, I'll let you have 1st dibs).