January 30, 2006


I screwed up. Big time. I got this new version of Linux called the Ubuntu project (www.ubuntulinux.org) and tried to partition my hard drive so it could run both Windows and Linux. Emphasis on the tried. I erased everything! I swear I'm not this retarded when it comes to tech stuff! What happened to me?
Anyway, today's post isn't just about how dumb I am. It's about how much crap we humans keep around in our lives that we "care" about. When I thought about it, I didn't lose a damn thing when I erased my computer. I had everything on there! Contacts, pictures, programs, school stuff, games; and my wife will certainly testify about the amount of time I devote to the acquiring, managing, and rearranging of all the crap. I don't need it. That's just my computer! So, my advice to the world? Go through your hard drive, whether it's a computer, an attic, a garage, whatever, and clean out the crap, because you never know when it'll get cleaned out for you. Don't you at least want to know what's important in your life?
Now for the kicker, just to show you how imperfect I am. What did I do once I finally loaded the necessary programs back on? Went back on the web and started downloading "cool" videos. IDIOT!

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