January 31, 2006


I've been doing these image puzzles and others from http://www.etienne.nu/main.htm, and I recommend them to all who are looking for a challenge and a good time. Feel free to email/im me with questions, because I know you will get frustrated. I may only frustrate you more, because I'm not just going to give out the answers.
Hmmm...I'm also considering a brand new internet site, and I don't mind sharing this idea, so feel free to 'steal' my idea. It'll be called Utah's stupid drivers.com or something close to that. I've got this nifty camera phone, and I figured whenever I some idiot cuts me off without signaling and then slams on his brakes, I'll just snap a pic of his car and license plate for the world to see and beware! Of course, it being Utah, I don't know if I'll be able to afford web hosting with as many pictures as I anticipate taking.
Oh, and the crowning place on the site? U.D.O.T., or any city D.O.T. in Utah, for being responsible for placating all the stupid drivers! "Hmmm...people running red lights? Let's just make the red light longer before the other one's turn green!", "Let's put a traffic light for people getting off the freeway!","Idiots can't merge before an intersection? Let's have them merge after the intersection!"
There you have it. Puzzles and rantings. Who could ask for more?


SalGal said...

I don't have photoshop!!! I can't do stage 8!!! Save me!!!

SalGal said...

I have to kill you now. I finally completed that stupid puzzle, and you don't get anything at the end!!! I want my money back!!!

SalGal said...

Solved the General Knowledge and Acronym one now, too. I'm too retarded to do the rest. Thanks for the help!