April 27, 2006


So, I'm just sitting at work this morning, minding my own business. My co-worker (who, incidentally is the boss's daughter, and therefore has boss's daughter syndrome) is out at the dentist right now, and another guy I work with is also out for medical reasons (he's not the boss's daughter, but is sort of a bumbling idiot...sort of). Another co-worker of mine comes over and says, "Jim, what's your secret? I don't know how you haven't ripped off her head, or why you haven't quit after working with these two!"
To tell you the truth...I don't know either. You can ask my wife how worked up I get about stupid people, especially when I'm driving. But I'm glad that I have been a nice guy here, and blushing that someone noticed.


Bob said...

How would we build our patience if we didn't have so many stupid people in the world testing it?

SalGal said...

Life would be so boring if it weren't for the stupid people. How would you know when to laugh if you didn't know to be pissed?