May 01, 2006

Deal? Or no deal?

What a great weekend! I got to help my brother in law lay sprinklers, had a great ward party, and got a call back on the tape I sent in to Deal or No Deal! They said they liked me! We're going to do a phone interview next, and we'll see where it goes from there. HAH! And Teresa said my tape was boring...
The only damper on today is the final I'm taking for Art History. Ugh. Talk about your utterly useless wastes of time. I thought I already had my high school diploma! Stupid community college...grr.
Also, SOFTBALL STARTS TOMORROW!!! I've been looking forward to this since the end of the season last year. Wahoo!


SalGal said...

I saw this show on Friday at my friend Carey's in SoCal. What a fun show!! I have to figure out how to make my antanna (I know I spelled that wrong!) to pick up NBC now!

jimcalkins said...

We had our phone interview yesterday, and it went pretty good, but I decided to include this letter along with the video:
Dear XXXX,

I normally am pretty quick at coming up with things off the top of my head, but unfortunately I didn’t think of this until after we had finished our telephone interview. You may recall two years ago on the Jeopardy quiz show a certain man named Ken Jennings. At $2,520,700 of winnings, he was the all time money winner for the show, and I believe the all time money winner for any game show. Ken Jennings is a Utahn.

I’ve included a sampling of the buzz that was created here in Utah with the Jeopardy champ as further evidence of why your producers should choose me. Jeopardy is a show that is way past its prime, even with Alex having shaved his moustache, we all know that.
However, not only did Ken breathe new life into the program, I know for certain that the buzz generated from having a hometown boy on a national program made tens of thousands more Utahns tune in! I tried explaining how Salt Lake, the whole state even, is a big city and small town at the same time…this is why: He was on all the state news networks, as well as the major and minor newspapers. People got the word out about the hometown boy making it big, and it sold! My point about this is, what other contestant from California, or Texas, or any other state, can generate that many new viewers than someone from Utah such as myself? Do people in Northern California care about some Southern California contestant? I doubt it. I told my sister, who lives in Manteca, that I sent in an application to you, and she had just seen the show for the first time last week. I’ll bet you dollars to pesos we had more new viewers of Jeopardy from the top to the bottom of Utah, solely because some guy they never heard of was from Salt Lake.

I can be that guy for Deal or No Deal. I think I beat that dead horse enough in the previous paragraph, so I’ll just end here. Thanks for your consideration.

-Jim Calkins