April 13, 2006

Whoever heard of getting a cold in April?

Probably lots of people, but not me, dangit! Out of nowhere, too! I'm just driving along at lunch time yesterday, coming up with acronyms for the idiots in front of me (MAMOD = Merge And Move On, Dumb@$$!), and I get that certain feeling in the back of my throat - the nasal drip feeling - and now my heads going to a splode.

Do you realize that I only told you about me being sick so I could proliferate my new acronym? You are all just pawns in my evil? scheme to rid the world of...of...Utah Drivers!!! (insert spooky music and lightning strikes here)


SalGal said...

Whoever heard of idiots who spend their drive time coming up with acronyms for bad drivers when they could be rockin' out to "Mormon Woman"???

jimcalkins said...

Well, you see, I need to do that in order to curb my foul mouth. Plus, if someone's reading my lips, they'll probably think I'm just calling them "mommy," instead of the D part of that acronym that I normally yell at them.