May 04, 2006

Dreams to dream in the dark of the night

I've had a couple of very interesting dreams the past couple of nights. Now, here's where you'll probably get weirded out by me, but if you think I'm writing this blog solely for you readers, you're quite mistaken.
Some of the dreams I've had are a little bit more than just dreams. I don't want to go so far as call them visions, more like a pre-emptive memory. Something to let me know I'm on the right track, if you will. It happened a lot on my mission, not anything big like, "Go knock on that door, and they'll get baptized," but it happened.
Well, Monday night, I had a dream about two beautiful models (don't worry, Tres, not that kind of dream). I only remember walking arm in arm with them, and when I awoke, I thought how weird that was...until I remembered that we were doing the second interview with Deal or No Deal that day. I think I'm going to get on the show! (A pretty lame connection under this context, but I'm leaving a lot out.) So, having come to that conclusion, I'm trying to decide which one of those models has the million dollar case, and last night I had another dream.
I dreamt that I was back in Russia, trying to get to Vladivostok. This happens a lot. After walking all over town, not recognizing anything, we finally flagged down a taxi. We were "30-40 km out," as our taxi driver explained, so I took the back seat. I'm sitting there enjoying the scenery in my dream, and I think to myself, "I'm going to pick the model on my right for the million," at which point my alarm goes off and wakes me up. Coincidence? I think not. I'm definately choosing the one on my left now. Just you wait, I'll have it narrowed down to two, and it'll be between the million, and the 500,000.


SalGal said...

Wow, you've almost gotten prosaic there! Excellent writing bro, even if it is just for yourself. I think that's when we get the most of our blogs; when there's proof that you're not just some regular Joe Schmoe out there like the rest of us.

SalGal said...

P.s. You're going to share that million bucks, right? ;-)

chuckbateman said...

Jimmy if you win a lot of money I think you owe it to me to buy me a present, even if it's just a value meal at Wendy's. mmmmmm value menu.

Mom said...

How will you know which of those 25 models is the one on the left? Oh, and when the amount gets to $360,000 plus a Toyota Highlander for your mom, you're going to deal, right?