June 09, 2006

Build a platform that doesn't waver, dammit!

I'm only using this article as an example of what I'm attempting to make a point for. I do not, I repeat, I do not endorse John McCain for president in any way whatsoever.
Pat Buchanan's article at Townhall.com

There, now that you've read that article, let's discuss. Actually, no, you just listen up, I'll do the talking here. (Prepare yourself for some serious ranting) Now, what the hell is wrong with the leaders in this country? Why can't people understand that the leader has to stick to his guns? The leader doesn't go around chasing votes by compromising on fundamental issues! Look, stupid, we don't want any opportunity for terrorists to sneak into this country! We don't want illegal (STOP! ALL POLITCIANS READING THIS BLOG MUST IMMEDIATELY CONSULT A DICTIONARY FOR DEFENITION OF THE WORD ILLEGAL!) aliens running amok in this country! The debate there is not that we're against immigration, we're just against ILLEGAL immigration. Do we need to reform our immigration laws? Maybe.

Aside from going through all the issues and boring you to death, I'll finish with this: If you want to lead, you need to decide here and now where you stand. If your ideas of politics and everything that goes with it aren't what the public wants, then you won't and shouldn't get elected! This is a representative government, dammit, and we don't want you looking down on us and telling us what we should think and believe. I stand with President Bush on most of the issues, because he represents most of my views, and he actually fights for them! Sure, lately he's been, what I'll now refer to as, "pulling a McCain" (not to be confused with "pulling a Kerry", because he hasn't flip-flopped all together, just gotten lax in his judgement). I digress.

Finally, (I wouldn't be a right wing nut job if i didn't bring God into the debate, right?) just let me say this: Christ didn't go around telling people what they wanted to hear. In fact, he told them the opposite. Not just that, he told them the truth, he stood for the truth, and he finally died for the truth. That's why people come to Him. He is the ultimate leader.

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Anonymous said...

Listen here, you right wing nut job! I really enjoyed your post. Oh no! that means it's catching!

Anyway, I agree 100% with your evaluation and especially with the comments about our Savior and true leadership.

Talk to you later!

From one hate-monger to another, ... ;)