June 06, 2006

Speedy Gonzalez v. Mortimer Tortoise

It's amazing how you can be just cruising/trudging/walkin along in life, perhaps just letting life happen, and God just throws the switch on you to shake things up. I mean this in a good way though. It's really humbling to recognize His almighty hand in your life, especially when you don't think you deserve it (or, are doing anything to deserve it). That's kinda what I've been doing, more like the trudging part though, but He loves me anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an ax murderer or anything, but I'm still nowhere close to where I want to be (which, incidentally, is a prophecy come true that was made by one of my teachers in the MTC, "You will spend the rest of your life trying to achieve the degree of spirituality that you had on your mission.").
So, what's the shake up, you ask? Nothing too big, I guess. I'm starting the Mechanical Engineering program up at the U in the fall, and I've been trying to switch departments at my current place of work so I can get some experience for my degree. To put it best, the big bosses at my work are like those Dinosaur ads from Microsoft?, and would rather let indecision make their decisions than act on something. So, no move for me. That's okay, though, 'cause - in this case anyway - I got the hookups from above. My best friend Richard, who just finished his ejumacation, is vacating his internship at a medical engineering firm, and has pretty much paved the way for me to get a job there. This will be much better for my school schedule, plus it also frees up my job that hopefully Chuck can fill (I'm crossin my fingers for ya, Chuck).
Hence, the just trudgin along, to the shake up, and probably back to the trudgin along, but with a lot more stress from school added to it. Sweet!


SalGal said...

I still think you were a woman X-Men.

I also wanted to say thanks for having the courage to admit you guys are too wussy to watch my kids. ;-)

Bob said...

The only problem about you getting your new job is that Chuck will then quit his last job and we'll no longer get free internet. We'll as long as you guys are happy I suppose we can fork out a little every month.

jimcalkins said...

Hey! He never gave me free internet!

The Doug said...

What free internet? I never saw this. We have comcast! Chuck better fess up or... or I'll... GARBLEDINA!!