June 26, 2006

Call it what it is!

I’ve been a lot more careful with my terminology lately, since I’ve been reading The Marketing of Evil, and an interesting thought occurred to me this morning.  I was listening to the Bob Lonsberry program on AM 570, and on his program today was a debate between Rep-Chris Cannon and his opponent John Jacobs.  They were to ask each other questions, and then they got to respond and toot their own horns.  Of the “amnesty for illegals” debate, Mr. Cannon got all fired up about how his campaign has been blown out of proportion and people have lied and misconstrued his stance.   So he made it perfectly clear (I’m paraphrasing to the best of my memory), “for those children who were dragged here by their parents, it’s not their fault!  I support allowing the states to give them funding for school, a delayed deportation if you will.  This is in no-way amnesty!”


You’re right Chris.  It’s not amnesty.  It’s just free benefits for illegals.  Benefits that I as a white male will never see, because people like you want to give them all out to illegal aliens.  Don’t be mistaken by calling me racist.  I’m not racist, I hate everybody.  Especially illegals who steal from my pocket.


ProvoDon said...

Vote for John Jacob.
I voted for John Jacob at the State Republican Convention in May as did all the other state delegates in my precinct and as did the majority of delegates that day. There is a reason. We spent several months studying the incumbents voting record and listening to the candidates positions on the issues. It is time for a change and to have our representative in Congress truly listen to us and represent our views. "Temporary Guest Worker Programs" are the height of arrogance from our elected officials - they are not guests and they are not here temporarily. It is time for a change. VOTE FOR JOHN JACOB.

SalGal said...


I'm going to have to check that book out now.

SalGal said...

Ok, it's not at the library. Send it over when you're done, please. :-)