June 20, 2006

More Dreams

I keep dreaming that I'm back in Vladivostok, but always I don't recognize the buildings. I just know that it's Vlad. Also, once I realize I'm in Vlad, my first thought is to go see Nadezhda, and I can never seem to get to her before I wake up (Nadezhda was in the 2nd river area, and was absolutely golden). It kind of pisses me off that I never get to see her, because I know what she looks like, and I'm sure my brain could make up a conversation between the two of us. What do you make of this situation? Is it a longing, or a premonition? If premonition, what could it possibly mean?
Forget Hawaii...if I win on Deal or No Deal, the first thing we're doing is going to Vlad.

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