July 31, 2006

Jimmy's got a gun

Well, not yet. I had an interesting discussion with the Mrs. last night, after I told her of my intentions to obtain a concealed weapons permit. We had been talking about many things, the right of Israel to finally defend itself against its enemies being the main topic, when I brought this ambition up. Then she kind of did a 180 on me, saying, "Why do you need to carry around a gun?" This seemed to me at odds with her general consent about someone defending themselves, so we had ourselves a little marriage debate (because it wasn't really arguing).
It was funny to me, because she was asking me questions that I could tell were trying to reveal a different answer than the questions were supposed to. Finally, it all boiled down to the question she had in her heart, "Have you actually thought about the breaking point in which you would kill someone?" My answer, of course, was a most emphatic yes. There would be no point in arming yourself for defense if you are not ready to defend yourself that way. It's not a first line of defense, but it is the last line, and you better be ready for it. In other words, if you haven't already made the decision to pull or not pull that trigger, that's where the gun owner gets hurt. That's when she came full circle, doing the other 180, and said, (something to the effect of) "I thought I was the only one who had made that kind of decision. When my Grandmother was murdered, I thought about it all the time. How far would I go to protect my family?"
That's the question I want you to ask yourselves. I'm not looking for comments here, I just think that it's something that needs to be said and thought about. If a general breakdown in law happened, which said prophecies I've already posted about, would you be ready to stand for what's right - even if it meant pulling a trigger?
In the end, Tres asked me this, and it goes hand in hand with her first question, "Then, I guess you've thought about what you would die for too?" Once again, a most emphatic yes. Once again, I ask you, what would you be willing to die for? On this, I'll take comments.


dragonb said...

nice post. Mostly considering I don't have the guts to bring up the discussion with my wife.
I did ask for a bat though, does that count?

Die for? that's a whole blog in itself.

jimcalkins said...

Ah, well, I'll have to check your blog sometime in the near future then. (now I'm doing the "Burns" move with my fingertips...."Excellent. I've got someone thinking now.")

SalGal said...

Little dude is a non-poster for so long and he drops the G bomb?!?!? Geez...

Does this mean we have to have this same marriage debate now?

I'm not appauled, I'm just surprised that it's something you think about living in Happy Valley.

Plus, do you really think they'll let you have one after that one incident??

Mom said...

I don't know, son. I'd like to think it wouldn't go that far. My hope is that you don't go out and buy a gun until you feel it's absolutely necessary. My feeling is that I would do everything within my power to keep my family and myself from danger without inviting it by owning a loaded weapon. It's too easy to have that loaded gun nearby. You don't have to use your brain to solve your problem.

You're going to do what you're going to do no matter what I say. I just hope it doesn't come to that. I'm really uncomfortable with the knowledge that my son feels the need to protect his family against possible violence with violence.

jimcalkins said...

Don't you see, though, that we have every God given right to protect ourselves? This is not the 80's anymore, and definitely not the 50's. There's not only the occasional whacko out there anymore, the whackos are everywhere. I know I won't convince you, but try doing some research on the gang MS13 (or some variant of that, "MS-13, MS 13, etc.")
While I hope and pray that law enforcement officials can take care of us, I will not sit idly by should my family be attacked.