July 20, 2006

Something to say

So, apparently I don't post enough. I've already received complaints from fans about it. Well, okay, I've got something to say. I was on the Bob Lonsberry program this morning (KNRS AM 570) because he asked people to call in and give their $0.02 about why teens and tweens these days are so ungrateful, and so (insert better word for needy/demanding here, something like, "actslikealiberal"). I talked about how they haven't really suffered for anything in their life, and therefore don't know humility and gratitude. Not that I've suffered all that much, but I did see my mom work two, sometimes three jobs just to scrape us by. That kind of leaves an impact on you.
Almost as if it was planned, Rush Limbaugh today was talking about how bad it is that we don't have any presidential candidates coming up that have seen America victorious in war (talking about a real war here, something we could have lost). Thinking about it, the two topics are pretty much the same. We've got a bunch of ungrateful whiners on our hands that haven't ever really suffered, and therefore can't show respect and gratitude for the blessings we have in this country. They stand up and demand rights that are actually privileges. They confuse basic principles of freedom. They demand their rights, and then turn around and deny the same rights to others. There are so many different examples to give that I won't even bother with them here.
The scary thing is that we are on the verge of open war here. I'd call it WWIII, but I think that already started when we declared war on the terrorists. The only reason we may lose this war is because of people on the left, with their cut & run strategies. We must stand firm in our resolve to look for what is right and to do it. If doing what is right means we need to annihilate Iran to protect ourselves and our allies, then that is what we must do. I'm not talking about fighting a sentient nation here...like all of the sudden we decide Britain's pissed us off and must go...Iran and Terrorist Palestinean nations are fierce and stupid. They've a proven track record of not wanting peace, and until they are brought into submission, we are not safe. We mustn't worry about the "disproportionate casualties" that may occur (MSM's lambasting against Israel's attacks on Lebanon). When you're in a war, you're in it to win! For one of my favorite examples of why this is true, please read "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, and look at the part where he's being interviewed by Graff before taking off on the shuttle.


dragonb said...

Nicely written. And I'm sure you'll get a lot of people agreeing with you. Wait, maybe not, that would mean lots of people read this, and besides me and your wife I'm not sure there are others. :)

jimcalkins said...

Well, you had me scratching my head there for a second..."who's dragonb?"
Now I'll need to add your blog to my links!

SalGal said...

So... when did you get smart? And how come we don't talk like this? Oh yeah, 'cos I don't live there. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And what war/depression exactly have Lonsberry and Limbaugh suffered through? i consider limbaugh an ungrateful whiner, and that's with his pill-popping.

jimcalkins said...

Yet...you're not brave enough to give your real name....huh.

Perhaps Rush and Bob didn't suffer through any depression, but were certainly raised by parents who did, and parents who were able to teach the values of humility and gratitude.

Gratitude is something you should learn, like, being grateful you apparently have never fought an addiction.