October 03, 2006

Digging in

Can I tell you how much I hate chemistry? Okay, well, I don't actually hate chemistry, I just hate the school for making me learn it. Okay, so maybe I will actually use some chemistry sometime in my career, and I need to learn it. So - I hate the school for making me learn ALL of it. Right now. This semester. I guess they don't realize that, just like the school with its different departments, engineering firms will have a chemistry department (if they actually need it), which is staffed by all the nerds you knew in highschool and wondered what happened to them. You know how the beauty companies round up stray animals for product testing? Same concept...the chemistry labs round up the stray nerds. Ugh...I guess I'll have to take off my "coolness armor" and release my inner nerd so I can at least pass this class.


SalGal said...

About that "inner nerd" of yours? It's more of an outie.

Nice chattin' with ya last night!

Maurice Enchel said...

uh... I showed this to Steve R., Mike M., and LET... They were not laughing.

PS - Nice dig Salgal.