November 30, 2006

Americans are a people of action...

...they just don't know what to do. Glenn Beck had a great show last night (and every night), and a caller in the third hour got me thinking. All along Glenn's been talking about how it doesn't matter if you or I don't believe in Armageddon, President Tom (of Iran) certainly does, and he's trying to hasten the Messiah's arrival. He (Glenn) has been fighting tooth and nail to try and bring us the truth about what is going on in the middle east, because NO ONE ELSE IS. Glenn, I'm sorry I missed your CNN show on the extremists of Islam that you fought so hard to show to us, I had "educational" obligations, but I'm glad it got the ratings it did and that people are starting to stir. (Yeah, yeah, Jim, you got a point hiding out in here among your pathetic attempt to get a free Insider subscription?)
So, this lady caller mentioned how grateful she was for the show I mentioned above, and how sad she was that NONE of the major news outlets are telling us the truth. She mentioned how sad it was that we're not paying attention to the war, but we'll stand in line for 3 days to buy and X-box.
That's where my brain starting ticking. It is true, what she said. And yet, I wonder how much of it is really our fault. I truly believe that we have the greatest nation on Earth, and what's more is that I realize it is the people inside the country that make the country what it is. We are a free people. We have dreams of soaring to the highest hights, and then we go and do it. In short, we are a people of action. The reason we're sittin around (or, one of them) in a line for 3 days to buy an X-box is because that's all the action most of us can get! (I know that works on many different levels, but for this particular instance, please elevate your consciousness above gutter level.) Why should we watch the news anymore? They're not telling us the truth! We want action! We want to do what is right. Going to war in Iraq was the right thing to do three years ago, and we all knew it. To hell with the real WMDs, Saddam is the WMD.
Why are we not getting the truth in the mainstream? I honestly don't know, but that won't stop me from speculating here: The quest for power blinds all who begin the journey. I believe that since the far left, whacked out liberals have no legs to stand on, they have been orchestrating for years the removal of our own. The main form of that is demonstrated in their all-out hatred of President Bush, Christianity, and Conservatives in general. Name-calling, downright lies, whatever dirty trick you can think of, they've used it. In their desperate grasp for power, they have had to distance themselves from everything that is associated with Bush, whether right or wrong, and therefore have willingly turned a blind eye on the very real threat we continue to face by extremist Muslims. This includes, but is not limited to going as far as "riding along" with jihadist snipers killing American soldiers so Anderson Cooper can get the scoop. Way to go, Anderson, you're a real hero now. I bet you've got some shelf space already cleared for your Pulitzer.
I digress. My point here is that we need to seek truth, and we need to act on it. The kook-fringe leftists in this country have been trying so hard to keep us asleep on moral issues that they're starting to drown out the survival issues. We can't afford to let ourselves be confused about what is right and what is politically correct, because I have no doubt that the Almighty God will take our blessings of freedom and give them to a people who are more worthy.

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dragonb said...

Hey Jim,
I was listening to that show also. I had some of the same thoughts.
But I was more disturbed by the fact that Stu didn't get it. If someone that is getting a whole lot of the real truth and getting the same information as Glenn Beck, but still doesn't get it. That worries me.

Also, Beck's special is on youtube if you do a search for Glenn Beck. There's a lot of his stuff on youtube, some of it great.