February 06, 2007


This is nothing new, I just hit a boiling point today when I was running to catch the train, looked right at the conductor watching me as I was crossing, and she still didn't wait for me to get to the first door available. So, if there are any "authorities" reading this blog, those new dents on one of your trains did not come from me, even though they may fit a size 10.5 shoe.
I hate the whole mass transit system here in Utah. The UTA (Utah Transit Authority) has its head stuck so far up its own tailpipe that I'm surprised it hasn't choked on the fumes. This is why smog in Utah is getting so bad, because it only takes me 20 minutes in my car to get downtown from Sandy, whereas with UTA, it takes an hour and a half, and I still have to walk a mile to get to my final destination. Who wants to deal with that? So here's a few suggestions that I have for them:
1. On streets that have multiple routes going through, make the rider flag you down. If he wants to ride your bus, he's gotta let you know, or you just keep on drivin. That cuts off half an hour right there.
2. TRAX does not own the whole flippin world! Look, I know that no one wants a fatality to happen because Johnny Dip-Smack isn't paying attention and drives onto the tracks, but really...don't you think it would help weed out the population a little? Joking (maybe) aside, I don't think we need a two foot concrete wall guarding your precious little trax throughout Salt Lake City. On that note, if I want to turn left on more than one street on 4th south, dammit, the train will just have to wait.
3. Pretty close to #2, only this time Johnny Dip-Smack is walking. Seriously, as long as your stopping the whole dang world each time a train rolls through, why can't I get off the train from either side?
Look, I don't want to be the one to say this...but I think Europe's got us beat on the mass transit thang. Being true to form, these ideas didn't come from me. I merely observed them in my travels abroad. Oh, which brings me to
4. Require that all passengers are wearing enough deodorant. How much is enough? Why not leave that to the other passengers with a Survivor style tribunal...I dunno, use your imagination.
Don't feel too bad, UTA, I hate UDOT much more than you, I just don't want to bore my readers with a never-ending post.


SalGal said...

We should get together and compare notes. I wonder who hates their DOT more, you or me? I've got more than a few bones to pick with CAL-TRANS.

As far as public transportation goes, I'd have better luck finding it in Japan.

Jimbo said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't want to start any DOT wars. Especially with Californians. I'll just make like a democrat and surrender to you right there.

Bob said...

What I hate is the davis county commute. Someone at my work told me that Trax will fix the traffic problem. But for all of the above reasons stated by Jimbo, I don't want to do Trax. Why can't we just put another stupid freeway through. I guess their finally starting to work on the Legacy highway or something. I'm sick of people complaining about it who don't live in davis or weber county. You don't have to drive through the mess everyday.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

SalGal said...

You know what they should do... they should reverse the carpool and general drivers lanes. So 4 for carpoolers and one for singles. I love it!

David Plastow said...

I agree with you I hate the whole thing UTA really does have their heads so far up their butt! The worst part is that they think they are the big city transit service that can be accessed by anyone, and go anywhere but TRAX is NOT that way, the worst part is they cost as much as one who does! Especially front runner. Terrible service!!! and whats up with that s-line?