February 13, 2007

Jumping the gun.

You know, now that I think about it...I don't really care for Giuliani running for president. I dunno, I might be jumping the gun getting off the bandwagon too, because I know he at least appreciates the fact that radical Muslims are the enemy, and being PC to win elections is stupid. I tell you what, and feel free to lay the smack down in the comment section, I'm probably going to vote for Newt instead of Mitt. From what I've heard of his politics, I think that he could be a really good leader. I don't want to pull the lever for Mitt just because I know he's a Mormon, although it is very tempting. He has proven to be a good business leader, but is he a true republican? Ugh...I'm just so torn. I can't be just a one issue voter. Here's some of my criteria:
Does the candidate have moral character? That is, can they call a spade a spade, and act on it, despite the undermining of the mainstream media and the liberals? Do they understand that if our enemies are crazy/brave/stupid enough to keep attacking the best military on God's green earth, that they won't just stop there?
Are they a true republican? Will they let the states and the people govern themselves, or try and regulate everything from how much profit I can make to how many sheets of TP that I can use per wipe? (sorry if that offends, but it is just another stop on the crazy train of democrat power)
Do they understand and uphold the constitution? Are they willing to fight for good laws that protect us, and against evil laws that have been legislated from the judicial bench?
Will they give me a hundred dollars to vote for them? Wait...I can't be bought that easily...try $150.

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