February 15, 2007

More about me.

I am a flavor purist. There, I said it. Man, that feels good to get that off my chest. Okay, it's no big deal, I know, but I've finally decided to write about it.
It is my opinion that the worst thing in the world that you can do to chocolate is add orange flavoring. BLECH! I also rarely add dressing to my salads, and when I do, it's Hidden Valley Ranch, no substitutes. Okay, I guess that makes me a mediocre purist. Nonetheless, I maintain that few people know or can appreciate the sweet goodness of an untarnished spinach leaf, mixed in with chopped celery and craisins.
Maybe it's just the way the flavors are mixed. Like cheesecake: QUIT SCREWING AROUND WITH CHEESECAKE! It's fine the way it is. If you want raspberry flavored cheesecake, top it with fresh raspberries! Don't buy some pre-mixed piece of crap, you're ruining it.
I dunno, maybe I need to come out with some set of rules and establish my own flavor purist cult. Then maybe, thousands of years from now, wars will be fought over the Jim Calkins school of flavor thought, or the (insert arch nemesis' names here) insurrection. Maybe.


SalGal said...

This is coming from the man who worships at the altar of Dr. Pepper??

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, Salgal!