April 30, 2007

President Bush sucks...at bowling.

First, let me greet all of my new readers, and welcome you to the site. Feel free to look around and check out my archives. Second, let me say goodbye to all my new readers, because they only came here because the title of today's post came up in a random search somewhere, and are probably your regular mindless-do-whatever-the-mass-media-tells-me-to types. I really have no idea what Bush is like at the bowling alley, but I will challenge him to a duel...bowliphorically speaking.
Okay, for all (two of) my regular readers, and the new ones who aren't too quick (go back and check that third sentence of the first paragraph),
*NEWS ALERT!* Big traffic accident in California yesterday! Apparently a tanker carrying some type of fuel crashed and the resulting explosion melted the steel of the overpass, causing it to collapse as well. Please pass this information on to Rosie since it is now the SECOND time in history that fire has melted steel. Gee, I hope that fire doesn't make a habit of doing this...some evil capitalist might put it to use and actually start making buildings out of steel. Dont worry, though, because we'll make sure the government takes all his evil profits and gives it to the rest of us who don't want to work hard. We now return you to your regularly scheduled rant against the left. *NEWS ALERT!*
Let's see...where was I? Man, I hate those interruptions. I think I need to up my ritalin. Ah yes, I remember. I'm listening to the Rush Limbaugh program right now, and the guy who's covering for Rush is talking about George Tenet's new book criticizing Bush about using faulty intelligence for the war in Iraq. BWAA HA HA HA HA!!! Isn't that hilarious? Shoot...I laughed before I gave you the punchline. Hang on a sec.... (pops another ritter...Mmmm these things are like tic-tacs!) You see...George Tenet was the CIA director (put in by Clinton) that was RESPONSIBLE for all the faulty intelligence! BWAA HA HA HA!!!
Okay, seriously, it's not funny. But what is, is something that I just (re)realized today as I was thinking about this. The reason that all the dems are and have been calling for Bush to apologize and admit he was wrong about the war is because that's exactly what they've been doing for years now. They just don't know it. Oh, you won't hear an actual apology from them, or even an admittal, as far as "admitting" goes. No no no no no, they were lied to! TRIXY LIES!!!! That's right. There's no possible way that they could make a bad decision (which, don't get me wrong, I think it was the right decision to oust Saddam, I think he himself was a weapon of mass destruction). The fact is that all they care about is power, and will do anything to get it. Including insulting anything and everything about the President to try and reduce his influence and authority, including his bowling score.

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Bob said...

I bet you were pretty happy when Rosie got ousted from the View. Not that you ever watched the show. I never did, yuck! But letting Rosie have an outlet is scary. My 21 month old daughter is more intelligent.