May 12, 2007

Tearin' Up

First, allow me to explain that I meant tear as in a drop of salt water that proceeds forth from a duct in your eye, not as in shredding or ripping.'s confession time again. I really need to come up with some sort of catchy tune for these confession times...kinda like the mail song on Blues Clues. So, the wife and I get a hankerin to watch Moulin Rouge the other night (which, when we usually say "the other night," it could be 5 months ago, but this is not the case), and for those of you who don't know that Nicole Kidman dies at the end, don't read the preceding or following sentences. I always know when Teresa is crying...she's horrible at trying to hide it. But right there at the end of her (Satine's) life, I can't help but let the thought pop into my head that I may have to go through something similar someday. Teresa is none-the-wiser about the droplet forming on my eyelid at that point in time. Yes, that's right...I'm a crybaby.
But it got me thinking...what other movies make me tear up? I can't be the only one who has a list. Here's what I got so far, aside from the aforementioned flick:
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
(brace for it...)Hercules. Yes, I said Hercules, the Disney version, the animated Disney version. Say what you will, I find it very touching.
The Lamb of God (but who doesn't cry in that one?)
Uh...that's all I got right now. Feel free to make fun of me now, but I feel better anyway.


SalGal said...

It's hard to mock you when you're being so sincere...

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh man, the tears are streamin'.... What a girlie man...

dragonb said...

Don't be ashamed, it happens to all us sensitive guys.
Off the top of my head, Mrs Doubtfire. Yea, silly movie, but he gets to be with his kids at the end.
Also, just finished Marley and Me, and that drew a tear or two also.
No worries, you're still a man.

SalGal said...

Dude, don't lie to him. He may look vaguely like a man, but far from it is he! ;-)

Bob said...

Let us be men while doing manly thing (while crying). I'm trying to think of what movies have made me tear up. The first movie that comes to mind is Frequency (that last part about the son - father relationship gets me everytime), of course Lamb of God, hmmm, Lindy said that the beginning to Finding Nemo gets her. The end of Phantom of the Opera when the guys goes to his wifes grave.
Don't listen to salgal, you're stilla manly man.

Lacey said...

If you don't like crying at movies don't ever see The Notebook...I cried so much...I also hated it. Who makes such a sad depressing movie...WHO?! Oh cry more than I do at movies and I cry easy...what does that say?

SalGal said...

I spoke to Ah-nold this afternoon and he has assured me that you will never be granted passage into the state of Cahleafohniah again.

Thank God for that! Girlie men all over this blog... geez... first Jim, now Bob... who's next, Ron Jeremy???

dragonb said...

ooh, Frequency, yea, teared up in that one.
you should make a top 5 or top 10 list of movies that make guys cry. Get some serious traffic to this here blog thing. What about Rudy? Although it's hard to remember the first time seeing it, it definitely pulled a few tears. :)
And don't listen to SalGal, CA lets anyone in, been to San Francisco lately?