June 15, 2007

Lost Business

As of 20 minutes ago, I am no longer a member of Granite Credit Union. I had joined as a member to get a car loan two years ago, and after I payed off the car, I didn't do anything else. I got an account statement from them the other day (which actually was the other day this time, not my usual "the other day"), and they had taken $5 out of my account as a "dormant fee." Awww HELLZ NO! Or, as my little girl's dollie Gina might say, "Oh no you di-int!"
So, I went down there today, and cordially told the member services rep that I was there to complain and to close my account. I say cordially, because I'm tired of being mad all the time. I am starting to get sick because I'm mad all the time, and you know what? I don't need to be. In fact, I shouldn't be - I'm breaking a commandment when I am. I explained as civil as I could that the fee was a croc of sum'n sum'n, that they basically stole money from me, and I want it back. The MSR tried to explain that "it's for covering costs like sending out statements."


Since I know she wasn't really in charge of anything, I refrained from the smack-down, and asked for her to pass my suggestion on to the big boss. Seeing as I payed several hundred dollars in interest to them over the life of my car loan, perhaps they would do better to take their PROFIT and use some of it to send out statements, instead of stealing my money. Somehow, I think it fell on deaf ears. Oh well, they not only lost my $25 membership, they just lost a customer who will need a mortgage in a couple years.


Lacey said...

I know how you feel. I had a check I deposited bounce and they charged ME! It was only $7.00...but why should I be charged? It wasn't my fault the check bounced...dumb credit unions, although they are better than banks.

SalGal said...

Dude, I know you did not just put up a post about how wonderful the language of the Declaration is and then in the next post tell me your girl's doll says "Di-int"!!!