June 05, 2007

You can't push a rope OR More of the same

I know I've already said this exact same thing on here, but I just thought I'd revisit it today in light of Pretty Boy Edwards recent comments (and then his wife coming on and explaining what her husband meant to say) at...a...erm...I don't know where they were, I just heard a clip of it on the Rush Limbaugh show. What, you think I'm actually interested in today's Democrats?Effectively, (and I say effectively because I am a voter, and it is Mr. Edwards job right now to convince me he's the best man to be the next president, so I'm going to judge everything that is remotely associated with him, therefore everything you read in quotes today is effectively what I heard...but probably not what he wanted me to hear) he was asked if he was for or against gay marriage, and, effectively, he said "No, but yes."
"Personally, I'm against it, but I don't think it's the president's job to let his personal views interfere..."
You know, it's amazing how many different people there are in my top 10 list of "PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF NOTHING, AT ALL , EVER" You'd think there'd be only 10...somehow I've defied math. Maybe I haven't...maybe they're all just the same person wearing different masks. In that case, it should be "THE PERSON WHO SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF NOTHING, AT ALL, EVER." There, that's better.
You know who Jon Edwards is today? With the complications we have from the war on terror, to policy differences on the home-front and abroad? If he were to somehow be elected, Jon Edwards would be today's Jimmy Carter. It's too early for another Jimmy Carter! Isn't it? Is our Nephite pride cycle accelerating to the point where we have two Jimmy Carters as our President within 30 years from each other? Oh boy, armageddon is a geddon 'round the corner! Jimmy Carter is an excellent humanitarian. He has done more service (actual labor...not any sort of mental breakthrough-type service) for mankind than I may ever do. Jimmy Carter was a sucky president. Jon Edwards would be a sucky president too.
If you have any kind of character, any kind of moral fiber, any kind of leadership skills at all, you, get ready for it, LEAD! Your personal convictions SHOULD BE WHAT GET YOU ELECTED! We, the people, want someone who represents the people! Neutrality is possibly the worst characteristic the commander in chief of the greatest country on Earth could have. Either that, or the name Hillary Clinton.
You know what, even with all our "advancements" in the world, war is still a necessary evil. Certain people, for some reason or another, will still need to be bombed back to the stone age, if only to get the point across for future generations. This knowledge is something that Carter lacked, it's something most of the democrats today lack, and unfortunately it's something our entire culture lacks. Together with that, we are at war today for our very souls. There's a reason that some things "just don't feel right." That's because they're not! Religious people of many backgrounds have given in to secularism and "the progressive movement" because they're effectively told that they are backwards and stupid. Now that Seinfeld is off the air, what's comedy all about these days? Making fun of Christians. Oh, sure, the Jews can make fun of themselves, along with the blacks, hispanics (oh, but nobody can poke fun at muslims), etc, but they've all come together on that one topic, that Christianity is bad, and standing for morals is wrong.
Jon, and anyone else who's listening, stick to your guns! If not for use in your bid for the presidency, why not for use in regaining your dignity? No man can serve two masters.
So, I feel better. I probably haven't said all I want to say on the subject, and definitely haven't said it as good as it sounds in my head, but I think that's enough.

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