June 27, 2007

Workin it...

My favorite commercial on the radio right now has got to be for Lenox Financial. The president, Mr. Jon Shibley, gets on to sell his home mortgages, and talks about how paying closing costs is a racket and a rip-off (yes, it is).  He says he believes that what goes around, comes around.  Then he cites the example, “I believe that if you hurt a child, sometime later on, in this life or the next, someone is gonna work you over with a blow-torch and a drill.”

Now, that’s awesome!  Jon, if you ever read this, more power to you.  I bet you had a bunch of people try to talk you out of saying that on the radio, didn’t you?  Well, you made your point, and I highly enjoyed it.


-emailed in by Jim

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