July 20, 2007

Good move/Bad move

I got a new job...again. I'm now working up at the Steiner Aquatic Center as a shift supervisor. Yay for lower-middle management! It's really awesome (really!) because I have TONS of time to do homework and get paid for it. Yay for me!
There's one small catch, that probably won't turn into anything, but it is a little unnerving. I quite possibly have descended into conservative-capitalist-conservationist hell. Now, if you're laughing, I figure there's two reasons, the first being my predicament, and the second being my use of the word "conservationist." I am! It's true! I'm definitely not one of your crazy Al Gore types that ignores science. I will not be made to feel guilty for being a) a human, b) a carnivore, and c) a white male living in the United States. I'm more of a...a...okay, I can't think of any role-models that I "follow," so I'll call myself a capitalist-conservationist, as in, "Turn the freakin lights off that you're not using so I don't have to pay for wasted electricity!" That pretty much sums up my stance on conservation. Don't waste water, 'cause your taxes that go toward the water treatment plants get wasted, and then possibly raised, etc, etc.
So, back to my possible stint in Hell. My first day on the job was greeted with two raised eyebrows. One for the book my boss was reading, "The Assault on Reason" by "L. Ron" Gore, and the other was raised even higher by the book one of the teenage desk clerks was reading, "The Communist Manifesto," by Karl Marx. Do I really need to come up with words to describe feelings for this? I think those of you who know me, and who know what those books are about can guess just fine. I think I'll just steer clear of politics at this job...maybe.

This predicament has had an unexpected effect on me, and so it's time again for one of Jim's Confessions of the Soul:
BYU is better.
Ahem....okay fine, full size this time: BYU is better. I am just so sick and tired of the whole country's higher education system being used as a mass-indoctrination device to turn us all into one of Al Gore's (or, insert inflammatory loud-mouthed idiot's name here) brainless, Godless, morally deprived children. I also will not be made to feel guilty for being a Christian, a Mormon, or a concerned father. It is in this regard that private schools in general are better, because it's easier to hold sway over the professors' political actions, BYU being in that category.


dragonb said...

Interesting post, your stream of consciousness stuff is interesting.

I would judge harshly an idiot reading Gore's book, but not nearly as harshly the communist manifesto as that is more of a historical document and interesting learning than an actual direct philosophy propounded nowadays. (unlike socialism and HillaryCare)

And, I'm disappointed that it has taken you so long to realize that yes, BYU is better, and in many more ways than what you mentioned.
I do feel that at other instate institutions you are being indoctrinated as a liberal, anti-creationist, anti-big business, the list goes on. And I believe that at BYU you have more intellectual freedom because you aren't demoralized for believing a certain way. As long as you stay away from the 3-4 hot anti-church topics you can do about anything at BYU, whereas others you have 30-40 hot anti-liberal topics that you have to stay away from or be ostracized.
my $.02. yea, I should shutup and start my own blog...

dragonb said...

I need to add an example. How about bringing up guns at the 2 largest instate universities. One you are going to get all kinds, hunters, pacifists and everything in between and have a healthy discussion. (BYU) The other you are going to get anti-gun people that will shout down everyone else.
You tell me which one is acting more like a University.

Jimbo said...

Yeah...but the point of it (the kid reading the Manifesto) is that it is happening just as he's entering his education here at the U. Perhaps I am being too judgemental, but still, how many 18-20 year olds do you know who are interested in that particular historical document for "historical" purposes only?
I submit, and will probably find out, the the Al Gore book actually belongs to the kid, who finished reading it right before he started on the Manifesto.

Lacey said...

oy...you two. I guess I don't really care about all the liberal/conservative crap that goes on in college. I just went there to learn and ignored all that stuff that I thought was crazy. I like the U because it had a great Early Childhood program that I enjoyed. Since that is why I was there I don't feel like I got indoctrinated as a liberal, anti-creationist blah blah blah. I guess I just used my big brain to do my own thinking instead. Go figure.

Oh yeah and have fun at the pool, I used to go there all the time as a kid.

SalGal said...

What is happening to you over there? Please, PLEASE make your clarification that BYU may be the better schoo, but Utah still reigns supreme when it comes to the most important game of the MW conference!