October 03, 2007

More excerpts

I don't know how much longer I'll be attending the U of U. No, I'm not dropping out...yet...I'm just looking for another school that has a good engineering program near here. The reason I'm looking is manifested in the following 5 words: mandatory health insurance for students. Apparently they've been considering this for a while, which is scary because I just found out yesterday when I read the chronicle (for the full story, see the link above). Here is my comment to the article, addressed to the U of U in general:

"This is just so weird! I was trying to get my oil changed the other day, but they refused my money because I didn't have health insurance! Seriously, U of U, what the Hell are you thinking? Absolutely NOWHERE in the Student Health Insurance survey conducted by the ASUU does it state that we would be in FAVOR of mandatory health insurance! If ANYTHING, it says that your "health program" is rediculously expensive, and I will add laughable! Seriously! How many students can afford $140 a month for health insurance? And forget about trying to insure a family with you guys! This is what you call "being a flagship" for other universities? You have no damn rights to force health insurance on us, and I find it awfully convenient that your "educational purposes" with this measure mainly involve educating us about buying insurance from you. I invite all students/faculty/alumni/whoever who are against this and want to act to email me at calkins.jim@utah.edu so we can organize a petition to make our voices heard. I'm already drafting my application letter to other Universities in the area. 'The penalty paid for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.' "

That about says it for me.


SalGal said...

Doesn't the Y have a SLC campus??

Jimbo said...

Ugh, probably, but I wouldn't be able to sport my awesome W facial hair.