January 04, 2008

Dog people

I'd like to start this entry off with a preemptive apology to all my friends, be they real or imaginary (trust me, you don't want your imaginary friends pissed off at you...long story), who for some unfathomable reason have a predilection for cats instead of dogs. You, my friends, are stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. And dumb. Not the dumb where you can't speak, I mean the dumb where you are stupid. I might go as far to suggest that you smell funny as well, but that's off topic.
As you have no doubt noticed, I think that having a favorite animal can say a lot about a person. Actually owning said animal says a lot more (especially if cats are involved), but for those of us who are not pet-parents, it is the reasoning behind our would-be pet of choice that intrigues me. I'm incredibly tempted to lump all the lizard/snake/frog/turtle people together as the hopeless geeks that we all know they are, so I think I will. I know it's not 100% of them, but I can only come up with so many unfunny jokes in one posting anyway, so I like to get them done with early on. Aside from the retarded cat people (and I mean "retarded" in the used-to-be-okay-to-say sense), what else is there besides dogs? Ferrets? Okay, you guys are on the border over by the lizard/snake/frog/turtle people.
So here we are with the dogs. What kind of dog is your favorite? Why? What do you think that says about you? Right now, since this wasn't always the case and probably won't be not long from now, I'd have to go with the basset hound.
I suppose it depends on what you're looking for in your relationship with your pet. When I look at this pathetic yet somehow gorgeous animal, I can't help but feel like we are old friends, or that we will be someday. Sure, almost all dogs have that unconditional love that we all crave(However, to misquote a semi-favorite comedian of mine, "I find that a [dog's] opinion of me is very much influenced on whether or not I have [a treat for them]." They'll try to deny it, be we all know the truth). They don't call them man's best friend for nothing. Perhaps I feel that somehow I relate to the basset hound right now better than any other dog. I get down on myself sometimes, I feel pathetic or dejected, all I need is a little love...isn't that what you see when you look at a basset hound? Love me! That's probably why I like them the best...for now.


SalGal said...

Ok, you're good for another 48 hours before I get bored again.

I, myself, love a beagle. Small enough to not sniff where they shouldn't, large enough to not step on. Plus, they're so darn cute!

Mom said...

What about Irish Setters? They are loyal, loving, and protective. Of course, given their friendly nature, they would probably show any burgler the family silver and help him carry it out to the car.

Bob said...

I guess that puts me in your geek category (at least its not your retard section).

Bob said...

Can you like animals in general?

SalGal said...

Ok... time for another one.... don't make me call you on the phone and have an actual conversation with you again! ;-D

Pegolas said...

So I guess your wonderful friend Pegah is dumb, dumb, dumb and stupid because I LOVE CATS!!! They are clearly the superior animal!