January 12, 2008

Liberal media bias strikes (out) again!

I must have read in at least 5 major newspapers how since Mitt came in 2nd in Iowa and New Hampshire, his campaign is pretty much over. Gee, that's funny...cause if you count the delegates that each candidate has won, Mitt's in the lead right now with 30! I think this points out something very important: either this is yet another proof of the "vast left wing conspiracy" in the media, or the "journalists" are incredibly stupid and don't know how to count.

Funny thing though, it was right before this point that I handed a sealed envelope over to Carnac the Magnificent, to which he prognosticated, "Both!"

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Jimbo said...

Due to unfortunate formatting errors, the links I had hidden in the text of this post were not plainly visible. Please click this sentence to be directed to CNN's primary election scorecard.