May 13, 2008

Free ~= Good

Shopping for cars online sucks! Worst part about it? The idiot car dealers that overcrowd free-posting sites like craigslist and ksl with their overpriced #*$%!!! Go away! You have your own stupid websites, stop coming to ours! We don't want to pay $4000 more than the p.o.s. is worth! Okay, that's all I got.
I think, if you go back and re-read this while pretending that Jerry Seinfeld is reading it to you, you might find it more entertaining. I don't know if I'm just becoming more efficient in my complaints, or if the morons of the world have killed enough of my brain to where that's all I can get out about them. I'd ask the rest of you what you think, but Sally already makes enough fun of me as it is...she doesn't need an invite.

(Oh, and the ~= thing? Ask your local programming nerd to explain it to'll be the highlight of their day. Not the actual explaining part, just that somebody outside the Circle of Geek talked to them.)

1 comment:

SalGal said...

What? Me? Make fun of my brother's ability to (absorb enough oxygen to live) think?

I'm hurt.