May 13, 2008

Layin down the Law!

I've changed my favorite thing about my work from "eating fast food at work" (I work at a gym) to "putting parking violation stickers on all the stupid people's cars that can't/won't see the three NO PARKING signs that they just got out of their car doors and almost ran into"
Seriously, the hours just fly by! I think it's the anticipation, don't you?
I think this confirms it...I have become "the man." "The man," as in, "kept down by 'the man.'" That's right, hippy, you'll just have to walk that extra 20 feet to get TO THE GYM!


TaraLee said...

thanks for being 'the man' jim...just steer clear of every green PT cruiser ok??

Anonymous said...

If you drive a PT cruiser, I think there's a "special" sticker for you.

Keersten said...

Ha! To be the man. I can practically taste the satisfaction. Any idea where to get those babies? Nevermind. The power would probably go to my head. I can see myself just slapping them on idiots walking around everywhere.