May 29, 2008

Still here...

No, I'm not dead. I've just been living over at, and haven't had much to say otherwise. I mean, how many times can one repeat that no matter who wins this election "We're Screwed!"
Back to lifehacker. I'm posting this entry from my newest toy that I learned about over there, called ScribeFire. It's just a little icon down in the bottom right corner of my firefox screen that pops up to half the page when you want to post. I should take this time to apologize to my friends on Google Reader, I'm always "sharing" stuff that you probably don't care about. At least it's not one of those YOU MUST INVITE 20 PEOPLE stupid programs on Facebook.
Ooh! Speaking of Facebook, I'm in the process of developing an application! Wyatt and Brian, I suck with PHP, so you guys need to come with me to lunch some day and get in on this! I'd tell you all more about it, but it's top secret. But I'll give you a hint, you movie buffs out there will like it. Probably not as much as me, but you still will.


Mike said...

Hey Jim, I can help you a little w/the php too. I'm glad I'm not the only ME that has been drawn to programming/computers.

I can also help you out w/hosting for your app (I'm managing the systems for We're Related and their almost 4 million users -

Give me a call or I'll talk to you on Sunday.

dragonb said...

let's do lunch sometime and catch up. always interested in your latest scheme. :)