June 02, 2008


I have just have had nothing to say lately! Blogging has been so therapeutic for me, just getting my thoughts out there so I can analyze them, but right now? I got bupkis! I think it's this new therapy I've been doing:

Ride a fun scooter to work.
Play Softball at least once a week.
Don't overload on school.

What sucks is that come the end of August, I'll only have the scooter part. Racquetball could substitute for softball, and is fun and all, but Malcolm kicks my butt (almost) every time. You can see that the common denominator for the above list involves being outside too.

Oh, btw, we're selling the Chevy Malibu, so tell your friends!

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The-Doug.com said...

I really would like to play racquetball again with you guys. I am just not on a regular schedule to commit to it. And when I am free, I am butt tired. that's right, BUTT tired! :P Keep me posted if you do play again.